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Join us to learn about Boxing and enjoy the great workout or train for the ring! Our program and coaches can get you where you want to be!!


At Warriors Way we want to give everyone the opportunity to be able to train in the sport of boxing, from the fundamentals of foot work to the speed of punches. Our program lets you take your boxing experience to the level you want. If you want to learn the fundamentals without contact then we can do that! If you want to learn the sport to its fullest including sparring…then we have that too! Or if you are interested in competition in the ring… that’s right, we can help you do that as well! So whether you want to learn about Boxing and enjoy the great workout or you want to train for the ring our program and coaches can get you where you want to be!! You never know… you may be the next Muhammad Ali!

What Is Boxing?

“To answer this question correctly, I’ll first tell you what Boxing isn’t. It’s not about getting angry or “duking-it-out” with an opponent to get even or to hurt him even though it is, to a small extent, that. After all what fighter isn’t in this game to win or to defeat his opponent?  But it’s more, much more than that. Boxing is a sport predominately about a concept rarely, if ever, heard known as “disciplined aggression.”


Fighters don’t fight out of emotion but rather out of the highest degree of confidence, skill, talent and instinct. Also, they fight out of something called heart, which is a combination of willpower, grit and determination. In my opinion, of all of these attributes, the two most important are skill and heart. The reasoning behind this is obvious: If one doesn’t have the skill, then he’s simply in the wrong game. More important, however, is “heart.” After all, if a fighter can’t push himself mentally, if he can’t take it to a higher level in the toughest of times during a fight, regardless of his skill level, he’ll never amount to anything in this sport. And that has been proven time and time again in the careers of many well known fighters.


When one views boxing in the same context as one views the game of chess, you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about. What prevents a highly skilled competitor from trying to impose his will on his opponent is his awareness that his ( opponent ) has the same tools of the trade as he. Granted, the opponent is well conditioned, trained and powerful with knock out power in either hand. But the key ingredient that many people overlook is the simple fact that he has a brain, a mind that is trying to outthink, outsmart you. In short, the opponent is trying to take you out of your game plan in order to defeat you. Similarly, the same holds true for the greatest chess players.


Boxing, then, takes on a different face and becomes a sport about creating opportunities, capitalizing on mistakes and taking advantage of situations as they unfold before the fighter.”

- Jonn E. JaGozza 

Our head boxing coach Brian “Rhino” Rogers has years of experience in the ring and in the cage!


Coach Rhino attended Chowan college for wrestling. His Boxing experience is vast, beginning as an amateur with a record of 24-8, he went on to win the Virginia State amateur title at 130lbs. He then went on to win Golden Gloves. He competed in the regional qualifier for the 1992 Olympics. He turned Pro in 1991 and had a record of record 23-7 with 7 ko. He was Ranked 11 in the world by USBA. He went on to fight for a USA title with a close loss in Philadelphia at famous and legendary Blue Horizon! After years away from the ring he returned to the pro boxing ring in 2016 and got another title shot in NC at the age of 47! He has Been in the ring with likes of Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, Arturo “thunder” Gatti and trained in camps with Olympian greats Julian Wheeler, Sean Fletcher, and many others He’s been blessed to learn from, this list including assorted trainers like, Bobby " Pops" Jordan, Mark Albright, John Hunter, Gil Olqguin and the United States Navy coaches,. At the young age of 45 he tried out the MMA circuit going 4-0 with four knockouts. Needless to say he has a wealth of knowledge to give! If you want to be a fighter in the ring or train like a fighter come see coach Rhino and our team!!



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Coach Brian "Rhino" Rogers

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