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High School students face many challenges, so it is important to equip them with the tools needed to help them be successful in life.  Warrior’s Way Martial Arts servicing the Powhatan, Midlothian, Cumberland and Goochland areas, offers a Teen Martial Arts Program. Our martial arts school specializes in training teenagers to become successful adults.


We have the ultimate way for your teenager to:


  • Build self-esteem

  • Learn respect for others

  • Make good choices

  • Build a strong sense of confidence

  • Improve body fitness and strength

  • Become self-motivated

  • Learn how to handle bullies

  • Avoid threatening situations

  • Practice and develop discipline

  • Have fun and make new friends


Our system of Martial Arts at Warriors Way is designed to empower your teen.   We look forward to your child being a part of the Warrior’s Way Martial Arts Teen Program!



Warriors Way Martial Arts is wonderful in helping your child to learn to focus through individual growth. Many kids with learning and attention issues struggle with the pressure of having to compete with other kids. So traditional sports may not appeal to them. But in martial arts, the focus is on self-improvement.

Warriors Way Martial Arts also reinforces goal setting. In martial arts, students work at their own pace. They’re awarded a different colored belt every time they achieve a new skill level. This can boost self-esteem and motivate them to set new goals.

Routines, techniques and forms in martial arts can have dozens of different movements. But kids learn gradually through repetition, adding steps as they go. All of this gives working memory a manageable workout.

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Evening Class

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