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Warriors Way Martial Arts Institute is founded on the principle of self improvement through the martial arts. Martial arts are among mankind’s oldest and most effective self-improvement disciplines. When used to its full potential, our system of martial arts offers far more than personal self-defense skills. it cultivates wisdom and mind-body harmony that can literally change every aspect of your life for the better.


Fundamentally all martial arts are based on moral teachings which not only encompass physical aspects of training, but mental and emotional lessons as well. The physical aspect, in fact, is the means of last resort. In the long run, our system will help build your character and intelligence.


All traditional martial arts styles are based on a non-violence principle. The warriors Way system of martial arts puts great emphasis on respect for others, humility, confidence, responsibility, honesty, perseverance and honor, not violence as some people may think. Our system of martial arts focuses on the following seven principles. 


1) Moral Integrity 

We look at Martial arts as a way of life. We focus on the development of a good moral character, a “warrior spirit”. As a result of our training we are able to cultivate and forge the effective response to fear, anger, violence and heartache as well as daily problems such as financial and job issues, we love to say “The way you act when no one is looking, is who you really are”. Integrity can only come through self-confidence, meaning that if you have a strong moral foundation and self-confidence it allows you to do what is right even when its not the easy thing to do. Integrity is simply… “doing what is right". 


2) Physical Fitness and Better Health

Our system of movements and exercises are very diverse and comprehensively work with the whole body, tremendously raising physical awareness. We help you to develop muscles you didn’t even know you had! Our combination of warming up exercises and physical training develop strength, stamina and good flexibility. Balance, posture and coordination evolve during regular practice. Senses become more alert, contact and visual reflexes become faster; thus, reaction and response time improve. A healthy body and self-awareness are key to self-confidence. 


3) Discipline and Self-Control

The study of martial arts is an excellent way to practice and develop discipline. In a supportive environment, you are encouraged to excel yourself every time. You are encouraged to face and work upon the challenges you would otherwise comfortably avoid. Discipline becomes a part of not only training, but also all other parts of your daily life. It also includes the ability to control your emotions, impulses, desires and behavior.


4) Confidence and Respect 

Our system of martial arts builds a strong sense of confidence. This is very different from ego, which is born out of fear. As Martial Arts students we learn quickly to have a strong sense of respect towards self and others. Unlike what some people would believe, most martial artists are very humble in nature. In fact, Our system of martial arts teaches at all time to avoid threatening situations and trouble spots. An “ego” fight should never ever happen. A good martial artist should be the one who does not get into a fight at all. He/she is a cool-headed individual who is neither afraid nor eager to face any uncomfortable situation, be it in any form. By becoming more aware of yourself and your surroundings it is easy to find the path of the least effort out of a dangerous or uncomfortable situation and also allows us to be able to “smile and walk away”.


5) Concentration and Focus

Warriors Way Students learn very quickly the importance of focus! Executing proper techniques at the precise right moment, judging your opponent’s movements and counter acting at the right time, improvising your strategy on the go. Martial arts improve focus like nothing else. For school children this is key to a happy and successful school experience.


6) Building Winning Relationships

Almost every class will involve working with a training partner at some stage. Growth of emotional intelligence is another important aspect of working in pairs. Working together encourages teamwork helps us to learn and accomplish goals. Martial arts develop a strong sense of connection, camaraderie and respect for fellow students. When we go into our daily lives we find that this feeling starts extending to other people as well. We learn how to become more patient with ourselves and others through overcoming our own limitations and then being able to celebrate as we see our fellow students break through their limitations as well.


7) Always Ready

Our system will help you learn to calm down your mind. A calm mind in all situations comes from knowing we are always ready. When faced with uncomfortable or even dangerous situations in life we know that people will react in some degree based upon emotion. Fear is very real for all people and can be caused by anxiety over unresolved problems, the fear of the unknown and of course the fear of immediate danger. By being calm we allow ourselves the time to think and to react properly even if we only have but a second to decide, if we are calm we will be able to do the right thing when it counts. Having a calm nature and an “always ready” attitude this will help in all areas of life including your job, relationships, school, problem solving and conflicts with others. Our philosophy is not that of “no fear” because we all have fear, our philosophy is simply “don’t panic”. 


Our system of Martial Arts at Warriors Way Martial Arts Institute is designed to empower you and help you to


Mission Statement

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