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Have you ever wanted to train like a fighter but don’t have a desire to get in the ring or the cage? Our Warrior TLF (train like a fighter) program is what you are looking for!


Have you ever wanted to train like a fighter but don’t have a desire to get in the ring or the cage? Our Warrior TLF (Train Like a Fighter) program is what you are looking for! You have the opportunity to train under some of the best coaches in the sports of Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


You can learn the fundamentals of Boxing and Kickboxing, the basics of MMA and the ground techniques of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. With bag work, sparring drills, foot work drills, hand speed drills and combinations. And of course Grappling and Sparring! Our Coaches will walk you through step by step allowing you to reach the next level! Full contact Sparring will be up to you, if you want to train for the ring or the cage... we offer that as well! Come out and try a class for free!



His Boxing experience is vast, beginning as an amateur with a record of 24-8, he went on to win the Virginia State amateur title at 130lbs. He then went on to win Golden Gloves. He competed in the regional qualifier for the 1992 Olympics. He turned Pro in 1991 and had a record of record 23-7 with 7 ko. He was Ranked 11 in the world by USBA. He went on to fight for a USA title with a close loss in Philadelphia at famous and legendary Blue Horizon!

Meet the Coaches


After years away from the ring he returned to the pro boxing ring in 2016 and got another title shot in NC at the age of 47! He has Been in the ring with likes of Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, Arturo “thunder” Gatti and trained in camps with Olympian greats Julian Wheeler, Sean Fletcher, and many others He’s been blessed to learn from, this list including assorted trainers like, Bobby " Pops" Jordan, Mark Albright, John Hunter, Gil Olqguin and the United States Navy coaches,. At the young age of 45 he tried out the MMA circuit going 4-0 with four knockouts. Needless to say he has a wealth of knowledge to give! If you want to be a fighter in the ring or train like a fighter come see coach Rhino and our team!


Over 15 years experience in the martial arts including second degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and certified instructor.


As an MMA fighter with 26 fights he went 12-10 as an amateur and 1-3 as a Professional fighter. He held two Bantamweight titles as an MMA fighter.


Coach also has a vast experience with 

Boxing, Muay Thai and he currently holds a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Let Coach Stringfield share with you his knowledge and help you to reach your full potential!



  1986 - 2000 Taekwondo

  Rank 2nd degree black belt

  2000- 2011 Muay Thai Kickboxing

  United World Muay Thai Association Champion

  WKKO Regional Champion

  WAKO Kick Boxing Champion

  Competitive Edge Karate Kickboxing Champion

  WKKO Virginia State Champion

  Brazilian Jui Jitsu Black Belt

  US Grappling Raleigh – gold medal

  Us Grappling Richmond- 3 time gold medalist

  US Grappling submission only- silver

  New Breed Ultimate Challenge- silver

Greg & his family live in Powhatan, Greg is an entrepreneur / business owner by day & in his spare time he likes to practice and teach martial arts. Greg is also a Christian mind, body and spirit! Coach Green’s wealth of knowledge in Grappling and stand up will help you to have fun and learn while giving you expert supervision and coaching.

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